Best Pain Relievers for Toothache

Severe tooth aches can be as bad as your worst nightmares. In order to help manage this pain, many painkillers and tooth ache medicines are deployed. These medicines are probably the best pain relievers for toothache which are vary according to the intensity of your pain. You may find that over-the-counter pain pills found in your ordinary drug store might work for a mild toothache but if it grows stronger and much more severe in its intensity then this might not be sufficient; and you may require a much stronger and consequently much more effective prescription medication.

The causes for these tooth aches are numerous and may vary from individual to individual. At times, this stabbing pain in your teeth is a symptom of some other grave dental issue such as tooth fracture or tooth decay. At other times, tooth aches might be a corollary of some dental treatments that you have had such as a root canal, extraction etc.

Whatever the individual cause may be, tooth aches generally result from irritation of dental tissues and nerves. In order to suppress and soothe this irritation, anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly deployed. At this juncture, one often wonders what type of drugs are generally used as medication for tooth pain.

Analgesics are the most common drug group which is deployed to address the issue of tooth pain. An analgesic is an inclusive name for drugs which have anti-pain, anti-fever and anti-inflammatory properties, all conjugated together. At times narcotics may also be used, particularly in cases of post-surgery tooth pain. These drugs may either be used in isolation or they may be combined together in order to ramp up their effectiveness. Moreover, they can be classified into two broad categories. On one hand, you have over-the-counter medicines and on the other you have prescription medicines. Some tooth ache medicines belonging to both these categories have been listed below:

Red Cross Toothache Medication Drops

Best Instant Pain Relievers for Toothache


Red Cross Toothache Medication drops are noted for their swift relief of tooth ache. They comprise of sesame oil and eugenol which work together to provide relief to your throbbing tooth pain. These drops are particularly useful in case of cavities. If you are suffering from a severe tooth ache then these drops could be deployed to suppress the pain for a while until you get yourself properly consulted from a dentist and seek his/her professional advice.

Oral Analgesic Gel Maximum Strength

Oral Analgesic Gel maximum strength


This oral analgesic gel which contains 20% Benzocaine is extremely useful in a number of dental issues such as irritations (both denture and gum), tooth pains and canker as well as cold sores. This oral gel is a viable dental treatment for providing immediate relief in all these ailments.

Advil Liquid Gel

Avil Liquid Gel


Advil liqui- gels are an immensely effective pain reliever. In fact they are even more effective than Tylenol. Therefore if you are having a bad day with a severe tooth ache making life hell for you, then Advil liquid- gels are your perfect resort. These solubilized ibuprofen capsules will not only make your pain go away but also your fever.

Tylenol Extra Strength Pain Reliever

Tylenol Extra Strength Pain Reliver


Everyone knows that Tylenol is the best armor to combat pain and fever. These Extra Strength Tylenol tablets will take care of your tooth pain, no matter how severe it may be and the ensuing fever too. In fact, Tylenol is not only effective in tooth aches, rather no matter what kind of body pain you may have, whether it’s a headache, backache, flu, arthritis, muscular pains, period cramps, whatever; Tylenol can make it go away in a jiffy. This pack of Tylenol Extra Strength Capsules, shipped by Amazon contains 100 capsules, each of 500 mg.

Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic Gel

Hurrican Topical Anesthetic Gel


Hurricane Topical Gel is an oral anesthetic gel, very useful, particularly in tooth pain which is either a consequence of a dental treatment or is to be followed by a dental treatment. This topical gel also comprises of 20% of benzocaine. The best part is that it is flavored and comes in an enticing water melon taste. Now you no longer have to bear the agonizing bitterness of pain meds, since Hurricane Topical gel works wonderfully, is immensely effective and tastes great. In fact, it is so effective and efficient that it works within an extremely short time of 20 seconds and is generally deployed by dentist during their dental procedures.

Healthy Teeth & Gum Mouthwash

Healthy Teeth And Gum Mouthwash


Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash is a super effective remedy for restoring and maintaining your oral health. It helps both in treating and preventing all sorts of minor teeth, gums and mouth issues. The most important function performed by this mouthwash is the balancing of your mouth’s pH level. Balanced pH is crucial for oral health since acidic saliva can eventually lead to tooth decay. Also, the taste of this mouth wash is super-invigorating. It comes with an enticing peppermint taste which freshens up your senses. Moreover, it is entirely composed of organic ingredients.

These over-the-counter drugs can serve as the best pain relievers for toothache which can immensely help in healing and stopping your throbbing tooth aches and thus should be present in the medicine cabinet of every household.

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